Challenges for the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Are you the Chief Compliance Officer?

You are responsible for ethics and compliance.

You are responsible to build a strong organizational ethics and compliance program, which is a high priority in any organization, especially in listed ones.

Reputational Risk Management is becoming more and more important. Every compliance or ethics issue may lead to a scandal or a problem with the company’s reputation that may weaken its brand value.

Supervisors, Regulators, Internal and External Auditors try to ensure that you have built a good ethics and compliance program, and that you have the necessary knowledge and experience as the chief ethics and compliance officer in charge.

These are the major challenges for your job:

Challenge 1:
Your role is not clearly and properly defined.

Challenge 2:
There are Conflicts of Interest (self-review).
You manage functions and you audit them for compliance the same time.

Challenge 3:
You are not independent.
You do not report to the Board.
You do not have the authority.
Your job is not decided and terminated only from the Board of Directors.
You are not able to make a difference.

Challenge 4:
Although they say that they rely on you, they don't give you the financial and human resources necessary to do your job, to educate employees and management, to respond to violations effectively in a timely manner.

Challenge 5:
You have no accurate data - there is no effective monitoring and reporting in place, amd you can do nothing for that.

Challenge 6:
You are not connected to the operations. You are here "for compliance" (just for show). You are avoided, and you become isolated. You are not participating in major decisions.

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